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Trekking in Ollantaytambo

Most tourists don’t know about these incredible day hikes! Get a unique taste of the sacred valley through sites such as the Intipunku Sun Gate and the powerful Mount Veronica.


Inti Punku "Sun Gate"

Missed out on Machu Picchu’s iconic sun gate? Ollantaytambo has one of the few Inti Punkus (meaning Sun Gate in Quechua) in all of Peru! The hike to the gate makes the journey almost as enjoyable as the destination. On your right, you’ll walk aside the best view of Ollantaytambo (second to that at StarDome ofc) that the Valley has to offer. Along the mountain, you’ll explore a series of Inka vestiges that connect you to the gate, ranging from miradors to ruins to quarries. There’s no shortage of things to see on this hike and it all ends at almost 4000m (13,000 ft) with the Sun Gate itself framing one of the most powerful mountains in the Sacred Valley, Apu Veronica.

Sun gate significance

  • Inti punku in quechua
  • Most critical entrance/fortress to an archaeological site
  • Only elite passed thru
  • Dedicated to worship of the sun god (inti)
  • Gate is set up so it interacts with the sun according to its yearly patterns
    • further complementing Inca insight into astronomical patterns
  • From what we know of the Inti Punku in Machu Picchu, sun gates held various cultural and astronomical significance for the Inkas. Reserved for the elites, a sun gate provided an entrance to a sacred city, a viewpoint for protection, and a place of worship to the sun god (Inti). The Inkas built these gates so that they would interact with the sun according to its yearly patterns, which further complements the astronomical intelligence (pun intended) we see patterned throughout Peru.

Sun gate frames snow capped mountains, including Apu Veronica

Trek Details

  • Trek on Inca quarry trail: Mirador descanso, inca quarries, llactallactayoc (large rock), ruins
  • Full day hike or drive part way up the mtn to get a head start
  • ~11.9-17.7 km round trip
  • Peak of trek at 12756 ft
  • Option to take a horse
  • Moderate to difficult hike

This package includes:

  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Transport
  • No entrance ticket required


  • USD$100 – 1 person
  • USD$110 – 2 people


  • Full Day

Perolniyoc and Naupa Iglesia

You would never expect the gems that are hidden off this beaten path. The first stop on the tour will be Naupa Iglesia. Like many historical sites in Peru, Naupa Iglesia has an ambiguous purpose but powerful energy. There are many theories as to how and why it exists, but a few things are for sure: it dates back to a time long before the Inkas (possibly 9700 BC) and shows evidence of electromagnetic patterns that parallel those of Stonehenge and the pyramids at Giza.

Next, you’ll venture deeper into the valley and through a quiet town to the roaring sound of the Perolniyoc Waterfall. At 45 meters, you may feel a bit small but not to fear. After a quick hike, you’ll find yourself on top of those falls in the small and well-preserved Raqaypata Ruins. There will be few to no other tourists here and you’ll be able to peacefully take in views of the vast mountainscape.

naupa iglesia info

  • Spirit door/windows into paradise
  • Magnetic, energetic, electric
  • The false door “marks the passage of the earth’s electromagnetic currents which generate out of body states
  • ratios that correspond to mathematical and geological phenomena found of other supernatural architecture such as the pyramids at Giza and Stonehenge”
  • “It seems that Naupa Huaca was designed by a cosmic mason for anyone wishing to access another level of reality and communicate with gods which, back in the day, were either forces of nature, or elevated people who personified or understood how to control such forces.”
  • Myth that was built by traveling builder god Viracocha who appeared after a world flood around 9700 BC


  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Transport
  • No entrance ticket required

Trek details

  • 6-8 hr tour, 3-4 hrs walking
  • moderate hike (2000 ft ascent)
  • see a unique part of the valley
  • beautiful waterfalls
  • Pre inca Village, well kept, peaceful view of the mountainscape and village below
  • 45m waterfall


  • USD$100 – 1 person
  • USD$110 – 2 people


  • 6 – 8 Hours

Mt. Veronica

One of the most powerful mountains in the Sacred Valley is right in your backyard at StarDome! And with this tour, you can experience this power on a more personal level. Since the Inkan era, Quechuans have venerated Mt. Veronica as an Apu (mountain god) and protector of agriculture. Winding through this sacred land, you’ll be asked to tap into your intuition and select one of the many paths the mountain has to offer. The hike won’t be easy, but at almost 5000m in altitude, you’ll be pretty close to heaven–figuratively, of course. No crowds, no tourist traps. Just you and the Mountain (and your guide). This is your opportunity to experience the intersection of history and spirituality and to feel the power of Peru pulse through you.

Site Info

  • Apu Veronica – protector of agriculture, one of highest in peru?
  • Significance of mountains to Incas – places where rituals and offerings/sacrifices were made – world’s highest archaeological sites; the closer you are to the heavens and the gods in them
  • Unique views of the valley, winding thru the mountains

Hike Details: ​

  • 6-8 hr tour, 2-3 hrs walking, various paths to choose from
  • Moderate hike (steady inclines, altitude: around 4500m)

This package includes:

  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Transport
  • No entrance ticket required


  • USD$144 – 1 person
  • USD$164 – 2 people


  • 6 – 8 Hours

Pumamarca Ruins

Want to see ruins without the crowds? Pumamarca is your place. These ruins date back to a civilization before and later-used by the Inkas. As a lesser-known location, the path guides you along Inka water canals to small, hidden waterfalls. You’ll walk through a quiet forest to mountains sculpted by striking terraces and unique colcas. These mountains inspire a certain respect for the Patacancha Valley, adding to the quaint beauty of the Peruvians who live there. One of our experienced guides will ensure you get the best views and knowledge of this relatively hidden gem.

Site info

  • Within/viewpoints of Patacancha valley
  • A lovely river path and inca water canals
  • Media Luna Terraces
  • Forest paths with small waterfalls
  • Unique Colcas around the Inca Fortress
  • Built by War civilization (pre-inca)
  • Likely used for ceremonies by incas and maybe a fortress during spanish invasion


  • USD$100 for 2 people,
  • USD$40 for each additional person


  • 1-2 Hours Walking


  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Etrance ticket

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