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Our Mission

…is to foster the growth and sustainability of the Quechuan community by sharing the local culture and traditions with travelers.

We do so by offering our guests opportunities to explore sacred sites, local land, and spirituality beyond what you may currently know and perceive.

Profits go toward improving this experience for guests, supporting our staff, providing resources in the local community.

If you come with an open heart and mind, we will not only help you experience the best that Peruvian culture has to offer, but also complete the circle of abundance in the community.

Star dome Peru sacred Valley Domes in Ollantaytambo (48)

Connection to StarDome

Historically, the Incas believed that the Milky Way was a heavenly filter of the Vilcanota (or Urubamba) River, which runs through the Sacred Valley, right past Mt. Antanuca. Where the water meets the earth as we see it, the night sky takes up water from the river, runs it through the stars, and returns it as rain to revitalize the earth and thus the Quechua people.

Star dome Peru sacred Valley Domes in Ollantaytambo (35)
Star Dome Peru Ollantaytambo (11)

As the Milky Way carried water from the Vilcanota River (at the foot of Mt. Antanuca) through its celestial path to return back to itself, Carlos carried this childhood memory into adulthood as a dream of a house without a roof–one that would allow him to see the stars every night, perhaps protected from the cold too. When he met Bob, this dream became a reality. Not only would a house without a roof fulfill that dream but it could also be a means for its inhabitants to experience that dream and the relation of those stars to the world around them.

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