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Spiritual Experiences

StarDome wants to help you open your heart and expand your mind. We offer ceremonies such as San Pedro and Despacho to help you tap into the deepest parts of your power and discover your personal connection to the Apus.

*To reserve a tour/experience, leave us a note when purchasing accommodation*

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San Pedro Ceremony

The mild psychedelic, San Pedro (Huachuma), will take you outward to connect with Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Apus, and other incredible aspects of the universe. There is no better way to enjoy StarDome than to share the experience with Huachuma. Contrary to the feminine energy of Ayahuasca, a San Pedro ceremony carries a masculine energy that can open your heart to a more exposed, authentic sense of self. As euphoria increases, many also experience a new kind of empathy and a greater understanding of how connected we are in and to the universe. A ceremony here is a unique opportunity to develop an appreciation for StarDome's mountain-scape, re-see natural beauty, and understand how you relate to everything, everywhere.


USD$100 per person


several hours (reserve full day)

Despacho Ceremony

The Despacho is an ancient Peruvian, celebratory ritual of reverence and thanksgiving. At the deepest level, you (as a group or individual) have the opportunity to meditate and enter into the essential unity of all things.It is a wonderful way for people to experience the power of our connection with the Apus without the use of plant medicine. Despacho reminds us of the connection we share with all of nature, life, elements, and sacred places. In its purest form, it is an act of Ayni–a word which signifies the Andean practice of sacred reciprocity, balance, harmony and right relationships. This simple but beautiful ritual grants symbols of all that sustains us, including the sun, stars, four directions, rainbows, mountains, animals and fruits of earth such as flowers. All are placed in relationship with each other, within a circle. This ceremony allows us to share sacred space, to cleanse our energy, and to offer gratitude for the abundance of both what we already have and what is yet to come.


USD$100 for 1 or 2 people,

USD$40 for each additional person


1-2 hours

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