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Despacho Ceremony

An offering of gratitude or prayer for healing: Despacho ceremonies provide the sacred space to connect to each other and the Apus through meaningful gifts. This ceremony is a wonderful way for people to experience the power of the Apus without the use of plant medicine.

A Despacho ceremony provides a sacred space to express both your gratitude and your deepest needs to the Apus. StarDome has a mirador from which you can not only see the entire valley but one of the most powerful Apus, Apu Veronica, as you prepare your offering. There is no plant medicine involved, but an open heart and mind is always necessary. Speaking into coca leaves, you may choose to pray for a loved one. Opening bundles of rice or beans, you may discover a future of abundance. Comparing gifts, you may realize a connection to the person next to you. No matter the offering created, a Despacho ceremony is a beautiful means by which to connect to others and give thanks to the universe that you belong to. 


$100 for 2 people + $40 for addtional persons


1-2 hours

*To book an experience you must add it as an extra while you purchase your accommodation*


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